Knowing your audience and knowing how to apply your gifts are the primary qualities that ensure success.  But it’s that third quality that sets you apart from the rest….your personality. It really comes down to this…How well do you mesh with others? Do you build genuine relationships with your clients or those you connect with? Are you personable and deliver on promises? Are you aware that your transparency inspires others?  Guess what, The L. Noel Collective is a woman’s emporium specializing in meeting the needs of the everyday woman. This collective is built on encouragement and inspiration. That is our mission. So there you have it.

Here you will find information and updates on our women’s empowerment group Shades of Sarai, the Shades of Sarai Blog, Wedding services offered by L. Noel, and highlights on  L. Noel’s personal journey in food and travel (La Bourgie Foodie). We have so much to offer and we are so excited you have visited our page. Leave us a comment, Let’s talk about collaborations, or maybe just send us a Hello…We are here for it all!