Women’s Empowerment: Let’s Get Motivated

Empowerment and Inspiration are the sole purpose for each Shades of Sarai’s events. What better way to do this but through sisterhood and collaboration. Unbelievably, sisterhood has been a catalyst for stronger communities and has led to many success stories.  There is power in sisterhood and with each symposium; Latika is excited to bring diverse groups of women together to share an uplift one another. She is dedicated to making it possible for women to recognize their true selves professionally and personally.

Our Symposium’s At A Glance…

  • 2017 Resilient I AM
  • 2018 Be Bold, Be Brave, Just Be
  • 2019 P.U.S.H (Push Until Something Happens)
  • 2020 Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Beyond Beauty)